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Corporate sponsorship slots are now available! Be your own hero and show your support of what we're doing here. Let's keep our most vulnerable safe and secure, knowing they can get through the week. You'll get a badge for your website so your customers will know where you stand on support of the disabled. - 503.854.9570

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The main purpose of the foundation is to accept charitable donations and allocate those donations to the disabled and to resources that assist the disabled.

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Serving primarily as a general charity for the disabled, the Be Your Own Hero Foundation acts as a market research tool that seeks out innovation in the PwD community, gathering stories, looking for specific life hacks that make an individual feel more self actualized, enabling them as a more active consumer. These stories tap directly into the needs of a market estimated to control $13 trillion in discretionary income. We do this by investing into the community, providing seed money and other assistance in the form of charity to gain said insight from the disabled and those that assist them, and then to promote further innovation. Our foundation stands alone as this type of resource in the Northwestern US. As such, the foundation is seeking investors wishing to improve their PwD profile.

Charles Pecot, governing as the foundation’s President, brings over 40 years of experience to the board of directors. American Honda, the Automobile Club of Southern California, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the American Forces Radio and Television Services, and companies in between have all benefited from Mr Pecot serving as project manager, data analyst, software systems engineer, and technology futurist. He has won two Nova awards from JPL, and developed the first dynamic, data driven website for AFRTS/AFN. He is a newly-minted PwD, giving him a unique insight into the PwD community from the perspective of someone for whom the PwD community was completely under his personal radar until 2019, when he was tragically struck by his own “medical meteorite”. And like any good efficiency expert, has analyzed the market and found beneficial opportunities.

The foundation is recruiting members and volunteers.

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